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Katonah® Workshop with Kat Yates
Saturday 5/8/2021 From: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
We have added a second workshop to accommodate demand! Make sure to sign up early to save your place.
“The universe has pattern. Pattern belies intelligence; and by virtue of repetition there is potential for insight.” 

“One’s body is not a project or a problem; it is the place each of us is always and already living from.” Our bodies are not abstract, nor are they delusional: they are the home of our reality. All of our lives happen right here; there is nowhere else to live from.

Our bodies and minds have never been split, although we have felt them to be. Embodied practice can turn us toward that reality and away from tendencies to dissociate.

Katonah Yoga, developed by Nevine Michaan over 40 years, fuses hatha yoga, theory, Chinese Medicine, and sacred geometry to shift out of autopilot and teach us how to work smarter, not harder. A super potent blend of breath, imagination, and formal approach, this practice offers practice tools and techniques to discern blind spots in our body and lives. By organizing ourselves in the middle of our circumstances – our sphere of influence – we can both look in and look out. We can see ourselves whole: finding fulfillment from within instead of looking toward outside sources…with the ultimate purpose of finding JOY!

Taking traditional shapes and approaching them in a different, more archetypal way, this practice can shed light on your unconscious habitual patterns, offering fresh insight and perspective. Its goal is to make you feel more empowered, more embodied, more centered, more radiant, more joyous, and more at home within yourself! If you are looking for a way to drive your own vehicle, to inform your own practice, to live from the middle of your circumstances, and bring the unconscious to the conscious – come check it out!

Whether you’re brand-new to Katonah Yoga or a seasoned practitioner, this workshop will take you through new ways to traverse the terrain of your mind, body and breath. There’s a lifetime of material that can be explored; each Katonah experience is completely unique. Expect some vigorous pranayama, insightful asana and heaps of theory. We hope you’ll join us for Birmingham’s third-ever Katonah Workshop!

T E S T I M O N I A L S ********************************************************************

When Kat mentioned that she was planning a Katonah Workshop, I was so glad because I had been curious to learn more about it. I’m so glad that I have attended both of her workshops!

Even though I’ve practiced yoga, for over 20 years, what I learned in the workshop is that Katonah works in conjunction, with any other type of yoga (and life) to help you understand where you are mentally and physically. I’m thinking more about the stability of my poses, and trying to be more focused on holding poses properly. I already feel like I am getting stronger.

I’m much more aware of not just my breath work, but of opening up my lungs, so I can breath more efficiently. I’ve always understood the importance of breathing properly, in yoga classes, but through the exercises that Kat teaches, during the workshop, I began to understand more clearly how quickly breath can change what is going on in my body and my mind.

Kat imparts a huge amount of information, in her workshop. She makes learning about this new way of thinking and breathing, while practicing yoga, fun and interesting. She helped me realize that I had formed bad habits in poses and breathing, that I could easily correct, once I had the knowledge. If you want to take your yoga practice, to the next level, spend some time in Kat’s Katonah workshop. —-Lee Sewell